the year of opportunities

Public and private entities have deployed an amount of funding and financial aid never seen in Europe in the last 70 years

⸻ context

From 2022, economic resources and incentives will be made available for companies, organizations and people, for the economic market, but also for non-profit organizations. Many projects will have the opportunity to be funded, but it will be important to quickly understand whether our projects qualify for funding, and our applications have a good chance for success. At the same time, information and training services on incentives have been developed: there is a huge offer in newsletters, research services, courses and information events, for free or to pay, providing lists, summaries and links to calls, as well as expertise for participation in calls for proposal and in project management.

... but the real problem is the last mile!

The real problem is the quick and effective evaluation of every opportunity (and not just eligibility) to submit your idea, your project, your company to a call for funding

If you have tried to open a link to a call, you know that it takes time and expertise to evaluate the admissibility of your idea.

If you have tried to participate in a call, you know that it takes even more time and expertise to understand if that call is really an opportunity for your idea, your project, your company, in terms of % of success, but also of complexity, management of activities and reporting of expenses, charges of financial flows.

⸻ problem

Don't read all the calls!

We have read them daily for the last 20 years: we can do it for you too!

We do not send you daily or weekly newsletters or alerts with a list of calls

We recommend the best platforms and free newsletters to which you can subscribe to be updated on calls for proposals

We do not ask you to complete a questionnaire

We suggest you get to know us to talk about your company and your projects

We do not use artificial intelligence softwares to offer you a weekly list of calls for you to read, analyze, evaluate

We personally evaluate within 48 hours if and why the call you have reported to us is interesting or not for your company and for your development projects

We do not offer you expensive "all inclusive" contracts, with the guarantee of a high flow of subsidies and contributions, but also of practices and projects

We evaluate the opportunities on the market with your company’s perspective, providing the tools to quickly decide if and how to participate in a tender



Book your online meeting for a first analysis

Within 5 days from the order

We analyze your company and your project ideas.

We recommend the best newsletters

⸻ solutions



Submit the links to calls you are interested in

Within 48 hours

You will have an eligibility and opportunity assessment for each reported call



What if you don't use all the links by the subscription expiry?

Within 12 months

You have another 12 months to use the purchased service for free! *

* only for Test and Silver formula

We found your announcement! What’s next?

We have been working with companies for 25 years to develop their ideas, to write, present, manage and report on their projects: if you decide to take advantage of a financing opportunity and participate in a tender, we will offer you a personalized offer, to manage the activities or train and support your collaborators.

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