Innovation is in the people

Pro&Do was born in 2011 from Paola Bazzoni's belief that innovation is in people, even more than in organizations.

Pro & Do has always offered competence, experience, relationships and management, organizational and financial tool to people, who work in companies and public and private entities, for profit and non-profit. Pro&Do analyzes, structures and evaluates development ideas and financing opportunities. Alongside customers, it manages and reports on project activities and expenses, enhances the results and skills acquired.


Our job is innovation, financed. Not just subsidized finance.

We work with a tailored approach, aware that only the careful analysis of the scenario, in which people, companies and institutions move, allows us to propose effective methods and solutions for the development and enhancement of innovations.

We do not have a catalog and a price list because we do not provide standardized services.

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" Be the change you want to see in the world "

— Gandhi